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You have a million things to get done each day.
Managing your social media accounts shouldn’t be one of them!
Day in, day out — we do it for you.

Facebook Marketing Plans

Facebook Followers are part of a marketing strategy that allows engagement with your customers and prospects. When your Business Page is growing consistently, your message is shared exponentially. Get in the game and expand your Page, reach and customer engagement faster than you could do on your own, with consistency that is needed and creativity that never ends. Plus! We use our own hidden tips to help feed those pesky, mysterious Algorithms at the heart of Facebook and Instagram.


$ 397 Monthly
  • Design Campaigns
  • Set up Campaign
  • Craft your Audience
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Monitor & Manage Campaign
  • $75 Ad Spend Included
  • Reporting
  • Does not include Facebook Posts*
  • Landing Page - $250 Extra


$ 697 Monthly
  • Includes Facebook Posts
  • 10/80/10 Content Types *
  • Organic Post Development
  • Branded Post Development
  • Plus All Features of Ad Campaign Plan
  • Landing Page - $250 Extra


$ 1,300 Monthly
  • Full Channel Management
  • 40/40/20 Content Types *
  • $150 Custom Ad Campaigns
  • Daily Manual Monitoring
  • Branded Post Development
  • Animated Post Development
  • Hidden Growth Techniques
  • FB Page & Algorithm Updates
  • Daily Engagement Growth
  • Respond to Inquiries
  • Algorithm Slaying
  • Optimization of Business Page
  • Plus All Features of Ad Campaign Plan

Instagram Marketing Plans

Instagram is the fastest growing network for businesses, providing a platform to directly communicate with prospects, develop a loyal consumer following, grow through user-generated content (USG) with a better opportunity to become an Influencer in your field.

As awesome as Instagram is, it is a time-consuming social network with strict rules. The hallmark of Instagram is "original content" and steady growth with no tricks. We work with companies who are ready to embark on this channel and its potential for sales and marketing.

& Design

Get Started
$ 397 One Time Fee
  • Set-Up Instagram Business Acc't
  • Develop Your Optimized Profile
  • Design Your Instagram Feed
  • First 12 Content Pieces Created
  • Top 30 HashTags for Your Biz
  • Your Top 30 Clients Followed


You Post, We Grow
$ 397 Monthly
  • You Post, We Grow Followers
  • Organic Growth
  • Engagement with Contacts
  • Expansion with your Target #'s
  • Compounded Instagram Reach
  • 450-600 + New Followers*
  • Channel Responses


We Post & We Grow
$ 1450 Monthly
  • Full Channel Management
  • We Create Your Content
  • We Grow Your Following
  • Channel Design & Monitoring
  • Organic Growth
  • Expansion with your Target #'s
  • Compounded Instagram Reach
  • Custom Post Development
  • Up to 78 Posts
  • Targeted Original Content
  • Channel Responses

Social Media Campaigns

What Type of Growth Can You Achieve With Our Plans?

wilder marketing social media growth


How does it work?

Whichever service you choose, or combination of services, we get to work immediately growing your channel, whether paid Ad Campaigns, Organic Growth, Branded Custom Content or SEO.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an e-mail with quick instructions. Payment is made before services start and are billed on the same day each month via credit card billing.

Any Plan can have increased Paid Ad Campaign Dollars

Each Plan has either Paid Ad Campaign Managment Only, Organic Reach Only or a Combination of the two.  If you’d like to grow faster, you can increase your advertising budget as much as you like. We will adjust your audience, timing, ads and testing accordingly.

Phone Consultation

We will have a phone consultation included, and will be in touch as necessary. We will ask you specific questions about your business and your goals as well as additional information we need to do an excellent job for you.


A brief questionnaire will be emailed to you that gives us exactly what we need to represent you online in the tone, type of content needed, and communication style that represents your brand to the world online.

What we need from you

Once we begin, we will need answers to our questions via email, call or text message on a timely basis in order to get the results you desire. Marketing requires changes. If we don’t get any response from you, we will continue where we are. As your account progresses through brand awareness, for example, there are logical next steps in campaign development.  When we present our ideas to you and you agree, there may be information we need from you to proceed.  Once we have that, we move to the next level of marketing on your behalf. If our inquiries continue not being answered, we may terminate our work with you.


Payment is due before services begin for the month, quarter or annual plan chosen. Billing is done by credit card and will continue until cancelled.


Because Ad Fees are paid in advance and our services and content are developed in advance. a 30 day cancellation notice is required. We work with a small amount of companies and dedicate our time and talent in advance to prepare services for you. We work in partnership with you and sincerely work hard to grow your business. We do not accept every inquiry if it is not a good fit and the cancellation agreement isn’t agreed upon.

*This FAQ Serves as part of our service agreement with each client.

Have a question before starting, shoot us an email: